is pubg down

is pubg down



Is PUBG down? is the only question players ask. played by millions of people all over the world. All age groups play it, but it is trendy among teens. PUBG has more than 200 million players from across the globe. In the current lockdown situation, people are spending all of their time in their homes. So is the time good games to play nowadays. Even, it wouldn’t allow you to go outside and get beaten up by police due to its addictive nature.

So while considering that rapid increase in players who are now giving their maximum time to game, that has increased the server load. This massive surge of traffic on the server resulted in the form of higher ping. It has reduced the gameplay performance and induced multiple lags into the game. So many people are now facing problems in playing the game, and they are wondering whether it is down or there is any other problem.  

Whenever people experience any problem to connect with or to start a match, they consider is down due to maintenance break. Like previous maintenance breaks, when it gets closed due to some maintenance work to resolve problems happened. So many people don’t know how to check that, down due to some maintenance break or they are having some network or software issues that hindering or restricting their game to be played.

So don’t worry about it, because it isn’t that difficult to get to know about it, down or not. You have to go on the twitter account by, where they inform about all the planned maintenance breaks and in which regions this restriction is going to be applied. Some websites are providing server and ping status in different areas. So instead of being worried, go and search about it and keep your self updated about all news through there and enjoy an unstoppable action with your buddies.

Frequently asked questions

Question: How long is PUBG server down?

Answer: due to maintenance, the PUBG server was down. Now it’s working well after the support of 7 hours.  

Question: Why is PUBG not working?

Answer: PUBG may stop due to some bug or virus. That is why reboot your system.

Question: Why PUBG is not running today?

Answer: there may be multiple reasons for PUBG failure. Some of the virus programs may cause the to be down. 

Question: How much money has PUBG made?

Answer: PUBG is making a handsome amount. The mobile version made $65 million whereas the PC version made $790.



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