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pubg guns
pubg guns

PUNG guns the essential is an item of the PUBG player. It isn’t that easy to pick a perfect gun for any situation. You can select any two guns, a pistol, a grenade and a melee weapon at a time. So, you have to decide a perfect pair of two best guns of different categories to pick up. To determine that, you need to know about some essential aspects of all PUBG guns

  • It is not good to hide behind some cover in a safe zone to wait for other players to kill each other. You should amass a perfect and versatile arsenal of most deadly weapons to fight more effectively with other 99 players, who are also trying to get chicken dinner. 
  • There are a lot of PUBG guns and weapons to choose from, so you will have to decide which weapon you should carry along and which one will drop. There are many things to consider when reviewing PUBG’s weapons that how rapidly they damage an enemy and kill him. There are also some other factors like bullet speed, range, reloading time and magazine capacity which are considered. 
  • There is a sufficient variety of shotguns, assault rifles, sniper guns, SMGs and pistols, from those you will have to select the best ones. A combination of an along-range sniper gun along with an assault rifle or PUBG machine gun will make your arsenal more deadly for any enemy. 
  • AKM and Groza are considered as the best assault rifles due to their lethal base damage and rapid-fire rate, making it a perfect killer combination for both long-range and short-range enemies. 
  • While moving towards the SMGs, UMP9 is the best choice due to its excellent base damage and good fire range. Making it a deadly and flexible gun to even fire from a distance. 
  • The next deadly firearm is AWM, a killer sniper rifle having the most significant base damage in the PUBG guns. It usually takes a single headshot to let the enemy down. This gun only is picked up from crates. And with using an 8x scope, you can target a whole squad of the enemy from unnoticeable long distance.


Frequently asked questions

Question: Which guns are best in PUBG?

Answer: there are multiple PUBG guns used while game the best gun among them is M416. It works well and excellently helps the player.

Question: How many guns are in PUBG?

Answer: there are more than 30 guns and other weapons used in PUBG. 

Question: Which gun kills fast in PUBG?

Answer: Every player looks for having DP28. It is the most wanted gun as it is the fastest gun of PUBG. 

Question: Is m416 better than AKM?

Answer: According to a real gamer, AKM has higher killing rate than M416. That is why it preferred than M416.

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