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PUBG tracker is the worthful element of PUBG. Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, has now become a popular game all over the world. Players of all ages are now spending their most time playing this game of massive attraction, making them addicted. Now this game has become very complicated due to multiple new features and third-party tools. PUBG tracker is also a third application that extensively used among the true PUBG fans. It helps the gamers to track their performances and also of their friends. 

  • Nowadays, PUBG is introducing many fascinating and engaging tools and tricks that may improve your experience of the gameplay. Because nowadays PUBG has become a top trending game of the time. Many people are obsessed with and addicted to PUBG. So PUBG keeps coming up with such marvelous tools like PUBG tracker to engage the players into the game deeply.

  • PUBG tracker is an independent application that can incorporate with PUBG. It is developed and designed by Tracker Network. PUBG tracker helps gamers to understand their performance and progress in the game in a much better way. It provides all gamers with a report of their performance, match by match. It confirmed that a tracker is an essential tool for tournaments as it will help the players to evaluate their achievements in an accurate and unbiased way.

  • PUBG tracker established to monitor and evaluate the multiple player’s performances in two different modes: The Game mode and the Seasonal mode. It also has the unique ability to generate histories of all the games you played so far, providing you with an insight into evaluating your performances.

  • PUBG tracker also informs you with all new pubg updates, so you can never miss any latest update.

  • Generally, PUBG trackers are amazing tools for ambitious and regular players. If you are also a real player of PUBG, then go and install the PUBG trackers.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Who is the number 1 PUBG player?

Answer: According to today’s leader board the gamer named as 

Corri STEAM is ranking on number 1. 

Question: How do I check my PUBG history?

Answer: to know your POUBG stats go to PUBG mobile and open links of your stats. 

Question: What is the rank of PUBG in the world?

Answer: there are more than three ranks in PUBG world. First one named as Gold, then Platinum, then Diamond and then Elite.

Question: Who is Dynamo PUBG?

Answer: the actual name of PUBG Dynamo is Aadii Sawant, and he is from Mumbai India. 


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