pubg weapon stats

pubg weapon stats



PUBG weapon stats are important for players. A comprehension of the PUBG weapons stats and how they all contrast as far as taking care of, harm, shot speed is frequently the integral factor in whether you endure the up and coming experiences. Beneath you’ll discover point by point details and assessments on every weapon in PUBG, so you can pick up this comprehension for yourself.

  • Shotguns – PUBG firearms and weapon details 
  • Attack Rifles (ARs) – PUBG firearms and weapon details 
  • Submachine Guns (SMGs) – PUBG firearms and weapon details 
  • Light Machine Guns (LMGs) – PUBG firearms and weapon details 
  • DMRs – PUBG firearms and weapon details 
  • Marksman Rifles – PUBG firearms and weapon details 
  • Incidental Weapons – PUBG firearms and weapon details 
  • Guns – PUBG firearms and weapon details 
  • Scuffle Weapons – PUBG firearms and weapon details 
  • PUBG Attachments – PUBG firearms and weapon details

PUBG weapon harm details and outlines, including the new MP5K 

Before plunging into the tables, there are a couple of things to tolerate as a top priority:

In the first place, these details sourced from data mines of the original game – our sources incorporate the determined features discovered here, just as this spreadsheet from PUBG Redditor dak4ttack, and this page from individual Redditor bizfarts.

The tables beneath are requested by Shots to Kill, with the least shots to murder positioned most elevated. PUBG weapon stats is a framework for directly guiding a player. For an expert sharpshooter rifle, it’s fundamental, as you’re attempting to slaughter players with as barely any shots as could reasonably be expected. For others like ARs and SMGs, the Time to Kill is significantly more significant, with the lower the time, the better.  

Time to Kill is the point at which the weapon is shooting at the chest of an adversary who is wearing Level 2 Chest Armor, which is the most probable standard for when you’re playing better than average level games from the mid-game onwards. In like manner Shots to Kill for Chest and Head are both for Level 2 Chest Armor and Level 2 Helmets. Times are in short order

PUBG Weapon stats set apart with an indicator are just accessible in airdrop containers, so don’t plan to play around these being accessible in each game! 

Frequently asked questions

Question: What are the best weapons in PUBG?

Answer: there are many weapons used while playing PUBG. Best light machine gun, Best DMRs, Best Sniper Rifles, Best Submachine guns etc. are PUBG weapons.

Question: What is the most damaging weapon in PUBG?

Answer: The most damaging weapon of PUBG is AWM. It is a deadly gun in PUBG and has the most extended range.

Question: Is Mini 14 a sniper?

Answer: A semi-automatic sniper rifle named Mini 14 is a lightweight sniper rifle which has magazine slots and used in conjunction.

Question: Is Vector a good gun PUBG?

Answer: Vector is an excellent PUBG gun because it has low recoil and it does comparatively less damage. But its boasting is high which makes this gun more unique.


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